desire, resistance, surrender


Thorough Explanation

Ravoeira is a sequence of historical records; of an entirely subjective analysis of a fictional character, who lived over centuries facing oppression. She was subjected to brutal violence and were deprived from her right to operate her body. The traveler ravoeira has nonetheless created her own weapons of resistance; such resistance that were emancipative against instruments of orchestrated corruption of power.

Ravoeira is an artistic performance executed with a set of digital and mechanical structures, which are choreographed to serve an expressiveness of an ages old pseudo character.

This character is initially a slave on her way to americas from africa. From the rhythmic tunes of desert sounds and drums the travel is simulated through gnawa trance music and experienced in its sense of choreography, which is also a dance and healing practice as a form of physical exercise. A rhythm workshop and a simulated ship ride to brazil during the early phases of industrialism follows the travel that is made by force as part of the early industrialist, transatlantic slave trade.

Through the suffering and solidarity, ravoeira is the least commodified human with no real possession other than that of the body, and a set of bodies in space. Yet she herself is a possession of varying power structures that span over privileged characters narrated by varying roles.

Ravoeira tries to pervert an attempt to make a fictional story about the birth of capoeira, by which means it tries to address the metaphysical norms such as play & fight, kill & love, share & behold, collapse & expand, trigger & seclude... It is a discourse by a human being whose suffering brought about, beyond-all, an artistic practice. Via this discourse, dichotomies are aimed to dissolve into additive intensities disregarding any standard measure of “success” and “failure”.

Ravoeira questions the set of power structures that had existed throughout ages and how they have instrumented, orchestrated, accumulated, distributed and abused the power that were beheld for and against the organisms in its territory. Ravoeira is an attempt at comprehending the status quo in this troll-dominated political spectrum of thought and accordingly how a potential post-capitalist power structure could be foreseen, yet instigated. Ravoeira articulates different notions of difference such as gender, color, economic class, upbringing, citizenship and labour-occupations; and how they interrelate to each other as to comprehend the fluidity of privilege within and across those who accumulate and distribute it.

Within Ravoeira the protagonist who does have a name but not a fixed one; shares her story of her resistance. A story that is, perhaps, otherwise never shared.

A resemblant imagery appears as though what it resembles dissolves in a manic oasis.
And then a war of queers mixed with a dance of monkeys...